Wild Nights with Emily
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Wild Nights with Emily

In the mid-nineteenth century, Emily Dickinson writes prolifically, bakes gingerbread and enjoys a passionate and lifelong romantic relationship with another woman, her friend and sister-in-law Susan. In between, Emily seeks to publish her work, but she finds herself with all kinds of impediments for being a woman, Averno until an editor stands at her house to propose that she work with her.

The film, based on Dickinson’s private correspondence, is starring the comedian Molly Shannon, and as we see in the trailer is not going to leave anyone indifferent. Come on, we have a crazy desire to see it.

The film, premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival, has been going round the festival circuit for a year, but it will definitely be released in commercial movie theaters next April 12th. Can we see it in Spain? Je.

If there is a mysterious figure in literature, that is Emily Dickison’s. Tremendously private and reserved, from what we know about his private life only on one side we can put our hand on the fire by stating that it is true. Everything else is just a mere deduction from her texts and from the testimonies of those who knew her.

Unfortunately, the relationship that Emily had with her sister-in-law and soul friend, An Impossible Love Susan Dickinson, enters into this second category of events. Were they just friends or friends with the right to rub? Many claim that the second, and that it is Susan herself the woman to whom Emily refers in some of her poems, but what happened between them is something we will never know for sure. That does not mean, however, that we can fantasize that they did croquet, very, very strong. This is precisely, Wild nights with Emily, directed and written by Madeleine Olnek, whose gravitational center is in the relationship of the poet with Susan, which takes as completely true.

Far from the darker, serious and historically faithful tone of History Watchman of a passion, Wild nights with Emily gets into comedy (Yes, yes, comedy) to draw a portrait of the poet who wants to get away from the image already seated in the popular imagination, that of a woman who loves solitude who lived in her house and denied the company of others. Molly Shannon is this new Emily Dickinson, whom she has defined as a person who “had no fear of anything and was very strong for the time. She was always true to herself for being gay wanting to be a writer. ”

The film, which has already premiered at the South by Southwest festival Hotel Artemis and which we hope will soon reach our cinemas, is reaping considerable criticism.

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