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Have you seen Avengers: Infinity War and miss the Spider-Man played by Tom Holland? Do not worry! Sony Pictures premieres on October 5 Venom that, although not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, does bring the iconic anti-hero label to the big screen. Tom Hardy (Dunkerque) plays Eddie Brock in the film, which has recently been wrapped in a funny controversy over the way he pronounces the word “symbiote” the character of Jenny Slate. Luckily, the Amazing Spider-Man # 800 comic book has confirmed how it is said correctly.

In the trailer of Venom -up-, the character interpellated by Slate pronounces “symbiote” – “symbiote” in English – emphasizing the syllable of the medium. Thus, something like: “Sim-BYE-oat” remains. But Marvel, through J. Jonah Jameson and how Comic Book collects, can not disagree more. Without going into detail to avoid revealing ‘spoilers’, the director of the Daily Bugle calls Brock by phone and, with a play on words, pronounces the following: “Sym-BEE-yote”. If we consider J.J. as an authority to -we suppose- having covered several stories of guests and symbionts, he is the one who is right.

With Ruben Fleischer (Welcome to Zombieland) behind the scenes, the spin-off of Spider-Man stars Eddie Brock (Hardy), an astute reporter who tries to go unnoticed and investigates a company called Fundación Vida, directed by the eminent scientist Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). It secretly executes illegal experiments on humans and tests that involve extraterrestrial life forms known as symbionts. During a furtive visit to the company, the journalist becomes infected and begins to undergo changes in his body and to listen to a voice that tells him what he has to do. Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson also appear in the cast.

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