The Upside
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The Upside

It was not necessary but here it is: Hollywood has made the inevitable remake of ‘Intocable’ (‘Intouchables’, 2011) and we can take a look at Vox Lux the trailer. ‘The Upside’ does not seem to offer any surprise, beyond leaving some freedom for the actors to have a little fun with the characters and try to make them their own, different as much as possible.

In principle there is no good reason to see the American version of this story when the French original has already been seen, Ad Astra but if you are a fan of Bryan Cranston or Kevin Hart you may not need more. For me, seeing the protagonist of ‘Breaking Bad’ in this role justifies the payment of the ticket. There is also Nicole Kidman, who in recent years has regained her best level, which made her a great star.

Based on real events (besides the French film) ‘The Upside’ tells the story of a rich man who has been left quadriplegic and needs to hire an assistant to help him with everything he has to do each day. Mowgli That is how he meets another guy who has absolutely nothing to do with him, but who he will befriend very soon. The movie will hit theaters on January 11.

Note that the remake takes a year, and even came to be screened at the Toronto Festival of 2017, but initially it was going to premiere The Weinstein Company and, of course, the well-known sex scandal ruined its distribution. Neither garnered good reviews in the Canadian contest (currently has a 56/100 in Metacritic), so it comes now, hoping that there is still interested public.

The staging of ‘The Upside’ is in charge of Neil Burger, director of ‘Without limits’ or ‘Divergent’. By the way, when the project came up, Toy Story 4 the cast was going to be headed by Colin Firth and Idris Elba, with Paul Feig in charge. Again, a remake of ‘Intocable’ is not necessary, but those names could have created a more stimulating project than Burger’s.

Duration: 118 min


IMDb: 5.1

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The Upside