The Professor and the Madman
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The Professor and the Madman

The lawyers of actor Mel Gibson accused the producer of the American-Irish dramatic film “The Professor and the Madman” Destroyer of trying to defraud the tax authorities of Ireland. Gibson is involved in a legal battle with the producer of Voltage Pictures about the film, which tells the story of the obscure origin of the Oxford English Dictionary.

The director, Farhad Safinia, accused Voltage for the first time in July of trying to inflate the expenses of the film, Dogman which would result in a larger tax cut by the Irish government. Gibson, who co-produced and starred in the film as lexicographer James Murray, filed a response to a cross-claim on Wednesday, in which he joined the indictment.

Gibson’s attorneys have alleged that producer Zev Foreman offered a US $ 1.3 million fee to Safinia, Spies in Disguise on the condition that Safinia would then reimburse Voltage for US $ 1 million under the guise of buying a literary property.

Safinia said previously that he rejected the deal. The new presentation also states that Voltage made a similar offer to Vicki Christianson, the Director of Operations and Chief Financial Officer of Gibson’s company, Icon Productions. She also rejected the deal, say the lawyers.

Voltage’s lawyer, Jeremiah Reynolds, said earlier that the tax fraud accusation was fabricated. Ford v. Ferrari Voltage declined to comment on the latest allegations.

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