The Old Man & the Gun
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The Old Man & the Gun

Nobody knows if Robert Redford will eventually retire or not from the cinema but, if that were the case, the actor and the millions Collide of moviegoers who have enjoyed his films can rest easy. The Old Man and the Gun would be the perfect goodbye for the interpreter, director, producer and founder of today’s almighty Sundance Festival, a legend of classic cinema who has received an emotional gift from David Lowery with his latest film. The actor and the filmmaker met during the filming of Peter and the Dragon, in which Redford had a brief supporting role. Shortly after, the filmmaker began to develop a The Lion King project inspired by an article by journalist David Grann that told the story of Forrest Tucker, a bank robber who spent most of his life in prison or trying to escape from it. The criminal, who never committed a crime of blood, gave his final robbery at age 80, two years less than Redford currently has.

The Old Man and the Gun is a small film full of charm and affection for its Downsizing protagonist that works as a perfect metaphor for the race and summarizes the main qualities of the protagonist of El golpe, Dos hombres y un destino and Todos los hombres del presidente. Lowery is even allowed, in a wonderful wink that will delight classic movie lovers, include archive images of other films of the actor to recreate the robberies of the central character of the film. Forrest Tucker recovers that natural magnetism of an interpreter who was never the most outstanding of his generation, even though he has never needed more than to make a half smile so that his interlocutor falls surrendered to his charms, be it the public or an endearing Sissy Spacek in the role of a retired woman whom he meets casually during a break during one of his robberies and with whom he will live a last love.

Despite the undoubted chemistry of the couple, the actors had only coincided professionally in two Oscar ceremonies. In the last of them, in 1981, she won the prize for the best actress protagonist for I want to be free and he, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales the statuette to the best director by ordinary people. 37 years later, both could return to the Academy Awards in their seventh and second nominations as actors, respectively. Yes, incredible as it may seem, Redford only has a previous candidacy as an interpreter for El golpe. In 2015 he was about to enter the awards for Everything is lost, but the legend was left out of the nominations at the last moment.

Duration: 93 min


IMDb: 7.6

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The Old Man & the Gun
The Old Man & the Gun
The Old Man & the Gun