The Nightingale
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The Nightingale

Following the breakout success of her directorial debut The Babadook, you could be forgiven for thinking that Jennifer Kent has a bit of a dark side. Both pyschologically sharp and stylistically haunting, this film definitely tapped into popular culture’s inner demons. But with her sophomore effort, The Nightingale, it really seems like the director has tapped into something Viking Destiny much, much darker.

Even though Kent has shifted from horror to period drama, I would definitely describe The Nightingale as an experience so bleak that I am still haunted by it. We’re talking 12 Years A Slave levels of bleak, and I genuinely think it proved too much for me, if I am honest. Incoming But at the same time, I suspect that the process of writing this review will make me realise how necessary Kent’s latest movie is.

Comparisons with Steve McQueen’s Oscar winner are definitely appropriate, because The Nightingale carries out a very similar mission to exorcise the horrors of the past Solis as that biopic did – only this time Kent is exposing the horrors committed by the British Empire in Tasmania. Now, I’m a big fan of McQueen’s adaptation of Solomon Nothup’s autobiography, and found it incredibly devastating, but there’s something about Kent’s period piece that I just couldn’t get on board with. I think that might be because the film contained a rage so potent that, at best, it made me deeply uneasy.

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The Nightingale