The More You Ignore Me
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The More You Ignore Me

“Loro” is the definitive Paolo Sorrentino film to date. It’s brash, stylish, and silly. It oscillates back and forth between horny and human, profound and misguided. It’s a glorious mess. That it exists in the #MeToo era is a miracle. That it manages to evolve beyond Gone Are the Days a dick-swinging affair is even more miraculous.

In the vein of “The Great Beauty,” “Youth,” and “The Young Pope,” the film is sprawling and idiosyncratic. This time Sorrentino centers his story on Silvio Berlusconi In Fabric the infamous medial mogul and former Prime Minister of Italy. But this is not your standard cradle-to-grave biopic.

The film toggles back and forth between Silvio and Sergio, a youthful businessman determined to impress Silvio. Sergio works primarily as a glorified pimp, trafficking escorts American Nightmares to bribe politicians for permits and favors. When he’s not knee-deep in a line of cocaine or anonymous women, he has ambition. The kind of ambition that’s neither pure nor noble.

Duration: 98 min


IMDb: 5.7

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The More You Ignore Me