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Two new trailers for shark movie The Meg feature shots that look… familiar. If you’ve seen Jaws, some of The Meg is going to throw off some Of course, there hasn’t been a shark movie since Jaws in 1975 that hasn’t in some way cribbed from the Steven Spielberg masterpiece. Several by-now familiar shark movie tropes can be found in The Meg trailers, including a dog in danger and the ubiquitous shot of underwater swimmers, tasty legs dangling down, just begging to be chomped.

Other shots look more like direct homages, recreating exact moments from Jaws. Here are a few examples I spotted, though there are likely to be many more references, some subtle and some not-so-subtle, in The Meg when it hits theaters Aug. 10.

One of the goofiest moments in Jaws is when the shark leaps from the water on to the boat. It’s where the practical special effects wear thinnest. But it also sets up one of the most gruesome and disturbing deaths in shark movie history, as Quint scrabbles for a handhold before slipping into the beast’s gnashing jaws.

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The Meg
The Meg
The Meg
The Meg