The Long Home
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The Long Home

In addition to actor, James has worked as a teacher. He taught at the West Playhouse in Zeroville North Hollywood, and opened his own film school, Studio 4, which does not operate anymore.

One of the women who has pointed it out is Hilary Dusome, who was her student at West Layhouse in 2012. Dusome told The Los Angeles Times that she had initially seen the Golden Globe winner as “a generous spirit” and agreed to to participate in one of his “art films” with other women. However, he claims, the actor left the set when she refused to take off her blouse for a scene.

“I felt like I was chosen for something based on my hard work and my merits, and then when The Old Man and the Gun I realized it was because I had good (breasts), it was very clear that that was not the case,” he said. “I do not think he started teaching me with bad intentions, but he took a wrong path Shazam! and damaged many people in the process.”

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