The Last Man
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The Last Man

The Last Man (The Last Man) tells the story of Kurt Matheson (Hayden Christensen), a war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder who believes the The Apparition end of the world is coming. After establishing a relationship with a doubtful Messiah (Harvey Keitel) he abandons his daily life and begins to train himself in an extreme way in an underground shelter. Everyone doubts his mental integrity but when he begins to ask himself something extraordinary happens.

Buenos Aires is disguised as Blade Runner in this curious Argentinian-Canadian co-production that has Liz Solari, Rafael Spregelburd and Fernán Mirás speaking in English How It Ends side by side with Hollywood stars.

Aesthetics is the best: the low budget is quite well concealed and the effort to avoid skids is evident and to fall into the clichés of films that work with dystopian futures. Stano That there are, anyway, because of a script with all the threads in sight. It is a schematic plot, devoid of emotion and loaded with insubstantial plot excuses, whose only function is to make everything move towards a foreseeable outcome.

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The Last Man
The Last Man