The King’s Daughter
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The King’s Daughter

The interactions of the dictatorial powers with the artists of the country in which they do and undo at their whim without any legitimacy are always conflicting. X-Men: Dark Phoenix This circumstance is being seen once again among many in the People’s Republic of China with the actress Fan Bingbing, who has participated in almost four dozen Chinese and Hong Kong films so far, such as Dragon’s Revenge (Yee Tung-Shing, 2009) , Shaolin. The legend of the warrior monks (Benny Chan, 2011) or I am not Madame Bovary (Feng Xiaogang, 2016), and also in Hollywood productions such as Iron Man 3 (Shane Black, 2013) or X-Men: Days of the future past (Bryan Singer, 2014), in which she plays Dr. Wu Jiaqi and the mutant Blink, with a release pending, The King’s Daughter (Sean McNamara, 2018), and another in preparation, 355 (Simon Kinberg, 2020) .

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, has not been seen in public since July 1 and their social networks have been completely silent since the 23rd of the same month, which has unleashed all kinds of speculation in Asia about his whereabouts. And last July, a big tax evasion scandal fell on China’s film industry: a prominent CCTV presenter, X-Men: Dark Phoenix Cui Yongyuan, leaked documents about the fraud of an unidentified movie star that allegedly carried out the hiring practice known as “yin-yang”: the producers provide two kinds of contract to their actors, one to submit to the Treasury, and another with their true salary. And Fan Bingbing, who has been singled out in this matter, is being investigated by the Jiangsu police, headquarters of his company, while his representatives have rejected the accusations.

All this muddle is because the Chinese Government, which today heads Xi Jinping, has tried to limit the profits of the most relevant actors in recent years because “encourage the worship of money” and not “basic socialist values”, so that, according to the authorities, distort the reality of the entertainment industry in the country and the luxuries surrounding these artists rude the young Chinese. Thus, they have approved limits on what actors can pocket for their work in Jungle Cruise movies and series, and exorbitant taxes to appropriate their income. And, with the explosion of this scandal, economic repression has only intensified, and a number of important companies in the field – Huai Brothers, Bona Film, Talent International, Le Vision, New Classic, Ciwen or Huace – have had to commit formally to meet the demands of the Government.

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