The Kid Who Would Be King
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The Kid Who Would Be King

Patrick Stewart (‘Logan’) and Rebecca Ferguson (‘Life’) finalize the negotiations to participate in ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’, the second film that will also direct the screenwriter Joe Cornish, responsible in 2011 for ‘Attack The Block’ (and co-author of the libretto of ‘The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn’).

In case of signing both would be to Louis Serkis (son of actor and director Andy Serkis), Tom Taylor (‘The Dark Tower’), Rhianna Dorris (Secret Life of Boys), Angus Imrie (The Archers) and debutant Dean Chaumoo in This action film and medieval adventures about a band of young people embarking on an epic mission to thwart the evil plans of Morgana le Fay, powerful sorceress and stepsister of King Arthur.

Stewart would play Merlin as a major, role that in his youth will be played by Imrie, while Ferguson would play the villain of the show, the aforementioned Morgana. Serkis and Taylor on the other hand will be the young Arturo and Lancelot, respectively.

Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner, of Working Title, and Nira Park, of Big Talk Pictures, produce this tape for the whole family that will be distributed worldwide by 20th Century Fox.

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