The Guilty
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The Guilty

A woman victim of a kidnapping calls 112. The line is cut. The police officer who received the call has only his intuition, his imagination and his phone to find it.

On the basis of this argument, Gustav Möller, a young 30-year-old director living in Denmark, builds a thriller with perfect efficiency. At the origin of this project, an immersion in an emergency call center and listening to a podcast, Serial, which traces an investigation into the murder of a girl. This is a way of thinking about narration by trusting the evocative power of sound and the viewer’s imagination.

The camera never leaves Asger, the policeman, filmed in close-ups in an enclosed space, where his colleagues form only vague, fuzzy silhouettes in the background, Welcome to Marwen most of the time. The decor consists of two adjoining rooms with offices, telephones and computers. The Asger face, played by Swedish actor Jakob Cedergren (revealed in the Danish miniseries The Spider and seen in Sally Potter’s Rage, Terribly Happy by Henrik Ruben Genz or Thomas Vinterberg’s Submarino) is the screen in the a screen in which guilt is read in turn – the title is one of the few prime clues in this story – stubbornness and helplessness.

The spectator leans on his short cut hair, his haunted look, the bandage worn on his finger, his temples where little drops of dripping sweat appear, to better concentrate on the sound which alone constitutes the out-of-field , where the drama operates in the distance. Thus the voices of the actors that we will never see (Jessica Dinnage, Johan Olsen, Omar Shargawi) make hear a thousand emotional nuances qu’Oskar Shryver, the sound editor of the film, mixes with the sounds of wind, rain, the circulation.

With mastery. Mowgli Each sound index, each vocal inflection, each silence has a particular relief. Here is a film that mobilizes all the attention of the viewer and bets on his listening skills. X-Men: Dark Phoenix We have emerged wrung from this story, and amazed by so much simplicity and complexity combined. The Guilty is the nugget cinema of the summer!

Duration: 85 min


IMDb: 7.9

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The Guilty