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Summer of 84
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Summer of 84

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After spending all the summer of 1984 spying on his neighbor, a group of children gathers enough evidence to begin to suspect that his “kind” neighbor is in fact a dangerous serial murderer. The problem is that the suspect in question is a policeman, nobody believes the children and that the closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

We’re not talking about a real case, or one of those Netflix documentaries about such crazy stories that it’s impossible to believe them, but the new horror drama written by Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith (and this is his first attempt in the world of the screenwriting).

Imagine ET with Stranger Things, a bit of The Goonies and a lot of eighties mystery, that’s Summer of 84, a movie that follows a group of children who noticed that many of their classmates, friends and neighbors have disappeared – all under 15 years – they begin to make connections that no one seems to see, they realize that in their village there is a murderer who is killing children, and who is not going to stop until someone discovers it, the problem is that nothing is what it seems and now nobody can feel safe.

The film has it all: a misunderstood leader who is right and nobody heeds it, a group of friends willing to do anything in the name of adventure (and a good summer), a super cynical villain who is sure that children can not catch it, and enough nostalgic elements and eighties references to take you back to your childhood and leave you there, fantasizing what would have happened if it had been you and your friends who had to solve the case.

Duration: 105 min


IMDb: 6.5

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Summer of 84
Summer of 84
Summer of 84