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According to Laura Fairrie’s forthcoming documentary “Spiral,” French Jews today face the same dilemma as their World War II-era ancestors: whether to flee over religious persecution. Like the United States, France has seen a normalizing of anti-Semitism. The alarming new trailer for this 2017 DOC NYC selection shows not only comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala mocking Hitler’s victims with dancing and cartoons, but also a teenage girl who vlogs, “There is no race that is as destructive as the Jew.”

France is home to Europe’s biggest Jewish population, comprised of 500,000 individuals whose synagogues have been attacked in response to political tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. In March, thousands of Parisians marched to condemn anti-Semitism, prompted by the recent, brutal killings of a 67-year-old Jewish woman and an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor. Much of “Spiral” focuses on France’s young Jewish community, burdened by increasing intolerance.

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