Spies in Disguise
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Spies in Disguise

Among the most popular events of the Annecy Festival, in addition to premieres of highly anticipated films, Aladdin there are the projections of the Work in Progress section: preview footage accompanied by the commentary by the directors and or producers on the creative process. For the 2018 edition the inaugural slot was given to Spies in Disguise, a spy comedy featuring 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios (The Ice Age, Rio, Ferdinand), with the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland in the original version. A product that, judging by the images that we have been able to see exclusively in the world, will make a breach in the hearts of fans of the genre with its respectful but at the same time original interpretation. N.B. This article does not contain spoilers per se, but we do not recommend reading to anyone who does not want to know anything about the movie.

At the meeting with the audience were the co-director Troy Quane (the other director, Nick Bruno, could not make the trip from New York) and the production designer Michael Knapp, who have been working on the project for four years. “I read the screenplay in 2014 and I fell in love with his approach to the spy genre,” explained the director who, in preparation for his long work, went to Washington, DC, where part of the story takes place, to do research. In particular, the team visited the espionage museum, containing real and fake relics including different gadgets from the James Bond franchise (“Unfortunately they do not let you drive the Aston Martin”, commented Quane). Wonder Woman Observing the various objects and documents, some curious details emerged about the world of secret agents, from the use of pigeons to transmit coded messages (“Those with a bad sense of orientation carried missives”, unveiled the filmmaker) to tactics to hide the transmitters in the excrement of the animals. And the pigeons, as we discovered later, play a fundamental role in the film.

The visual inspiration is linked to the spy film movement of the ’60s, but without affecting the modern sensibility of the plot. In particular, the character of Lance Sterling (voiced in original by Will Smith), has a silhouette that resembles a glass of Martini, and his movements are almost always exaggerated, a bit theatrical. To animate his movements, a playlist was used, as shown by a test piece Sonic the Hedgehog in the first, we hear the music that dictates the gestures of Sterling while he sits in the office, while in the second we see the same event but without sound accompaniment . Shadow Fighter The explanation “Even if you do not hear the music in the movie, it’s like he always had it in his head.” The protagonist is an excellent secret agent, but lives alone by choice (the illustration of his apartment is accompanied by the caption “cage”), while his partner Walter Beckett (voice of Tom Holland) does the same thing because socially clumsy. Aquaman Two different characters but still united by a common feature, and it is on this that will be a large part of the comedy of the feature.

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Spies in Disguise