Slaughterhouse Rulez
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Slaughterhouse Rulez

A nasty piece of exploitative trash, “14 Cameras” aims 14 Cameras to do for Airbnb what “Jaws” did for the water.

Unfortunately, it’s not skillful enough to skeeve out Birds of Passage anyone about anything other than its own existence.

A group of five – mom, dad, their late high school, early college-aged son and daughter and the daughter’s friend – head to a spacious New Mexico vacation home. The beyond-generic Like Father family is so bland they don’t even deserve names; the film is only interested in family friend Danielle (“Legion’s” Amber Midthunder), whose lightly seasoned bad girl traits give her at least a semblance of character.

Duration: 104 min


IMDb: 5.7

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Slaughterhouse Rulez