Scarred Hearts
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Scarred Hearts

Almost square screen with rounded edges. Camera practically always fixed. Images in 35 mm. Biopic Vintage film (takes place in 1937). The new bet of Radu Jude is not at all like the new Romanian cinema, although it has a formal solidity, a fluidity, an intelligence and an acting solvency that does refer to that country that generates small wonders.

After The Happiest Girl in the World (2009) and Aferim! (2015), another vintage film with which he won the best director award in Berlin, Jude was very freely inspired by Scarred Hearts (Inimi cicatrizate) in the short existence of Max Blecher, a Jewish-Romanian author whose brief texts appear interspersed on screen during the (extensive but not arduous) 141 minutes of the story.

Twenty-year-old Emanuel (Lucian Teodor Rus) is diagnosed with TB at the beginning of the film and sent to the Carmen Sylva sanatorium on the shores of the Black Sea. Although he will spend the entire film prostrate on his stretcher and (except for a getaway to the beach or town) enclosed between four walls, the protagonist will never lose good humor and intelligence in times of growing anti-Semitism. And he’ll even manage to seduce a beautiful patient who has a leg immobilized. In that sense, the tragicomic sex scenes between the two are fabulous.

For a film of this duration, with the protagonists and the camera almost immobile, and the disease as the main theme, Jude does wonders with the staging, giving the narration a strange vitality, a lightness and an elegance without ostentation, appealing when emotion is needed, but with a black humor (even in the main doctor) that is appreciated.

Duration: 141 min


IMDb: 7.1

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Scarred Hearts