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Of this 2018 that finishes in 40 days, at the cinematographic level they will remain in the memory, without a doubt, Amazing Grace two filmmakers who with their raw operas have risked in unexplored territories: Arantxa Echevarría about the love within a minority social group, and the French Camille Vidal-Naquet about a sex worker, free from all ties, and incessantly seeking love.

Coincidences of life, this role is not intended for the main actor, the impressive (and almost certainly Cesar interpretation in the very near future) Felix Maritaud. During the filming of 120 beats per minute, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart was reading one of the scripts that had been sent to him, when crossing with his casting partner, he immediately understood that this role was perfect for Felix Maritaud.

Absolute feeling of the past Cannes festival, critical and public success, Sauvage is one of the rare moments of communion that No manches Frida 2 occur between a film and its audience. Undoubtedly for the captivating humanist side of this story of a young man of 23 years, dedicated to prostitution, in the famous Parisian forest of Bologna. A film close, although it does not seem at first glance, to a male version of Las noches de Cabiria, which changes the Fellinian surrealism by a realism more typical of this century.

This young man, who does not want to be identified by a name, will be each time the person his clients want. He cares more for freedom than the possibility of being located by a mobile phone. Shazam! Anyway, his only friends (and at the same time, competitors in the volatile meat market) are next to him, a few meters away. And also, against the customs of his profession, he does kiss.

The most impressive thing about Sauvage is the treatment of the body that the actor contributes to his character. Rarely has the impact of living on the street been seen, sleeping when possible, eating at odd hours and whatever, the body of Félix Maritaud (who, in fact, studied fine arts and not film, in which was interested in gender issues) realizes a real performance on the big screen. Unfair, uninhibited, free and without moral ties, both physically and psychologically.

This savage of modern times, in love with one of his co-workers (the also excellent actor, Eric Bernard), Breakthrough will have to decide the fate of his life. Do as many others do and try to find someone to support you, as everyone encourages you to do, or set a new course. Magical.

What is evident is that Félix Maritaud (who, in a few days premieres another interesting debut, Jonas, by Christophe Charrier) is one of the already confirmed promises of the new French cinema

Duration: 99 min


IMDb: 7.1

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