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On a recent visit to the Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires, the possibility of seeing the latest Philippe Garrel film on the commercial billboard adds a happy corollary. That his name is where it should be – in the movie theaters (or in the only room that allows it in this city) – glimpse for a brief moment what the cinema should be: a meeting place for different and plural proposals.

Lovers for a day means, on the one hand, a triadic relationship, that the film completes with the previous ones La jalousie and A la sombra de las mujeres; at the same time, he shares with the latter the same screenwriter: Jean-Claude Carrière. So that taste is purified, between two film veterans ready to sustain one of those relationships that can not help but be irresistible. (A link that could be thought in a similar way to that found by Woody Allen and photographer Vittorio Storaro.)

From a general impression, Lovers for a day can be related to certain aspects of the film of the Nouvelle vague, due to the immanent grace of young and female participation – faces and walking, slanted phrases, sexual enjoyment, sadness – , the omniscient commentaries in the manner of Truffaut -from a voice in off (female) that introduces, clarifies, infers; and also, because it is an omniscient feminine voice, nothing prevents us from thinking that God, who knows everything, is a woman-, and the Godardian ellipses, as (apparently) sudden jumps in the story.

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