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Never Goin’ Back
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Never Goin’ Back

Never Goin’ Back Full Movie Watch Online & Free Download In HD

Among the branches of the entertainment industry that are more profitable, include the production of films and series, because many generate a powerful engagement with the public and trailers and teasers are one of its best marketing resources.

The foregoing, because it is indisputable that in recent years, the production of films and series have become a fundamental part of the entertainment industry.

Not for nothing is common to see in each production a large amount of product placement, in addition to the production of licensing and merchandising. That without leaving aside the large promotional campaigns.

Only by 2018, the film industry’s revenues are expected to exceed $ 44 billion, according to PwC projections. To this we must add that during 2017 there were a total of 487 series, according to FX.
For all these reasons, every week we make a compilation of the advances -trailer, teaser, TV spots- that were shared through various channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and we believe they should be of interest to marketers and advertisers.

Duration: 85 min


IMDb: 5.8

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Never Goin’ Back
Never Goin’ Back