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The Australian pair’s scrappy, low-budget debut Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead was packed with apocalyptic production design, crazy costumes, and homemade gadgetry, lending their zombie film a strong visual edge. And now, their much higher-budget followup Nekrotronic I Am Not an Easy Man takes that obsession even further.

Nekrotronic is very much a movie that’s all about its genre trappings and not really about much else. Its story, following a sewage engineer who gets recruited into an order of necro-warriors engaged in a centuries-old battle against technologically advanced demons that use cellphones to steal people’s souls, is complete nonsense, borne of a dozen unconnected ideas and a desire to put The Image Book cool shit onscreen.

To be fair, that cool shit is well-executed, if a little uninspired. Like a Ghostbusters fan film made by the CW’s superhero production team, it’s full of high-tech gadgets, super-suits, weapons, and sets, all blinking lights and chunky switches and shiny materials. Clearly, the At First Light majority of the budget went towards making Nekrotronic look as flashy and expensive as possible, and in that respect, the movie wholeheartedly succeeds. Despite boss-fight demon makeup that was clearly too unwieldy for the performer inside to do anything much, everything in the film looks and sounds terrific.

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