Mission Impossible Fallout
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Mission Impossible Fallout

One of the films that is probably a blockbuster in the immediate future is Mission: Impossible: Fallout, the sixth film in the franchise starring Tom Cruise, which has added more than 2.7 billion dollars worldwide. Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie appeared almost at the end of the Paramount Pictures presentation at the CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas to talk about one of the film’s most dangerous stunts, a freefall, at a speed that went from 200 to 320 kilometers per hour from an airplane at 7,620 meters. It is a technique, said McQuarrie, that they use special forces to infiltrate.

You have to remember that production stopped last year after Cruise broke his ankle while filming a jump from a terrace in London. “How much can we do to make it physically possible without killing Tom,” McQuarrie asked as he choreographed the three-minute acrobatics that, they said, everyone told them was impossible.

In the end Cruise made 106 jumps to have three takes that will be edited to create a single 3-minute sequence in the movie. The audience at CinemaCon could see the first images of Cruise in action. “We filmed this in the UAE,” said the actor. “We could never have done this elsewhere.”

Afterwards, Cruise’s casting partner Simon Pegg accompanied them onstage and said that Cruise’s liking for doing his own dangerous stunts “is a daily stress going to work with him because you do not know if you’ll see him tomorrow.”

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Mission Impossible Fallout
Mission Impossible Fallout
Mission Impossible Fallout
Mission Impossible Fallout