Minding the Gap
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Minding the Gap

At one point in “Minding the Gap,” one of the young Chicago skateboarders at the center of Bing Liu’s documentary asks the director which type of filming they’re doing: “The one where I pretend you’re not there, or the other kind?” In fact, it’s both. Liu’s lovely portrait of wayward men stumbling into early adulthood functions both as a snapshot of their tumultuous lives and Liu’s own experience alongside them. Combining first-rate skate video footage with a range of confessional moments, “Minding the Gap” is a warmhearted look at the difficulties of reckoning with the past while attempting to escape its clutches.

Set against the backdrop of blue-collar America in Rockford, Illinois, Liu’s first feature is also an impressive compilation of skate videos interspersed with revealing conversations. Liu glides alongside his peers in abandoned parking lots and skate parks, capturing their fast-paced skills and the way they reflect a rough-and-tumble lifestyle. At its center is a tight-knit trio: 23-year-old Zack, who struggles to raise a newborn with his girlfriend; Keire, a 17-year-old trying to find a job and the sole African-American in the group; and Liu himself. The movie often drifts alongside through late-night parties and prolonged conversations about their intentions in life, but ultimately settles into exploring a series of hardships that complicate their freewheeling existence.

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Minding the Gap
Minding the Gap
Minding the Gap
Minding the Gap
Minding the Gap