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You do not have to judge a movie because of its trailer, but well, we did it. The nineties filters will never match the movies of the nineties. Permission I am going to the asylum. Today the Mid90s trailer was released as the director and screenwriter of American sweetheart Jonah Hill (Supercool, Wolf of Wall Street).

The film stars Stevie, a 13-year-old boy skateboarder, who finds through skateboarding an escape route to a family life of complicated shit. It is known that skate is an excellent metaphor for talking about resilience, because it is a sport that requires you to try things a thousand times until they come out, and in between you can even split one or several bones.

Of course, the trailer criticism has surrendered to this work, which opens in October, because of the nostalgia with which it approaches the 90s, because a Super Nintendo comes out, sounds Wu-tang Clan, and all good. Tender.

The old man will forgive me, but I will not buy him. Or more than not buying, the memory takes altiro to compare this movie, or the trailer to be fair, with Kids, the film starring Chloe Sevigny, written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark released on 95. If you saw it, probably It was in a cinema in the pre-movie-the-mall era and you were probably too young for something that violent and you came out with a bit of trauma.

At that time there was obviously no Internet and nobody knew much of what it was. It was called “Kids” and it was about skateboarding. With that idea we enter the cinema. We went wrong. If you have not seen it, see it.

So far and judging by the trailer, “Mid90s” is only a very old version of chlorine, approved for all viewers, of that movie, perhaps the most controversial and raw movie about teenagers of the nineties.

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