May the Devil Take You
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May the Devil Take You

As one half of the Mo Brothers, Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto co-helmed to triple punch of visceral genre efforts in the form of Macabre, Killers, and Headshot. All three movies are enjoyable experiences, especially if you like some darkness and blood-letting in your entertainment. Like Father These days, however, the maverick pairing have aspirations to ride only for a while. Tjahjanto has been especially busy in recent times, directing two feature-lengths in the same year, both of which are playing at this year’s festival. The one we’ll be focusing on here, May the Devil Take You, also marks his first foray into supernatural territory – and it’s a spooky, blood-spewing thrill ride.

Bringing literal meaning to the phrase “giving the Devil his due”, the story follows a family that must pay for their father’s horrible mistakes. You see, the selfish bastard foolishly got into business with the Prince of Darkness in exchange for wealth. In the end, though, all it got The Addams Family him was a body covered in hideous boils, a doomed fate, and bankruptcy. I could not even save a penny of his cursed fortune, which only reinforces the idea that supernatural loan sharks are never a good idea.

Skip ahead to 10 years later, and the old home-wrecker is dying. As such, his family are summoned to his hospital bed to say their goodbyes. It’s not a friendly meeting at all. His daughter, Next Gen Alfie (Chelsea Islan), is not upset to see him on the road out. She’s more upset at the fact he’s left her penniless and she has to spend time with her step family, who she really does not like. That’s until they all decide to visit their creepy old house to find valuables to sell anyway. But there are no valuables awaiting them there – only Hell.

Duration: 110 min


IMDb: 6.5

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May the Devil Take You
May the Devil Take You