Master Z: Ip Man Legacy
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Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

With you the first trailer of ‘Ip Man 4’ which, as the name implies, is the fourth installment of the successful and popular franchise starring Donnie Yen well accompanied on this occasion by Scott Adkins.

Directed by Wilson Yip, written by Edmond Wong and produced by Raymond Wong as well as the three previous installments, Puppy Star Christmas which is announced as the (pen) last installment of the franchise moves its action to the United States.

The penultimate? Yes, because the end of last year premiered in his country of origin ‘Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy’, spin-off of the same franchise directed by the legendary Yuen Woo Ping, one of the most important figures of Hong action cinema Kong and the person in charge of choreographing the fights, both of this derivative and of the aforementioned fourth installment.

Starring this time by a Max Zhang no less well accompanied by Dave Bautista, Michelle Yeoh and Tony Jaa, the film will hit theaters in the United States this April along with Well Go USA Entertainment.

After being defeated by the Master Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi, wounded in his pride, leads a modest life, Ip Man 4 devoting himself to groceries and his son’s education. In wanting to rescue they are ex-fiancée, the challenger of the triads of Hong Kong, led by the cruel Kit Kang and her sister Kwan. He will face the evil Owen Davidson, an American businessman at the heart of the heroin trade to defeat all his enemies, save his pride and win the respect of his peers

What is it designed for?: If the intrigue of Ip Man legacy: Master Z is certainly not the best in the genre, the film is generous enough in action to enthuse the nagging slumber in each of Although we are sure the historical context is quite respected, the fact of approaching the franchise here through a character that has not really existed still leaves a lot of freedoms to the authors of the film, which put the poor at the time Cheung Tin Chi at the heart of all the fights, distributing the wanks in turns in very varied scenes, and choreographed by the absolute master of the genre, Yuen Woo-Ping, who this time also occupied the position of director.

Because the fights are numerous and regular, punctuating a movie having certainly not perhaps The Mule the class of the first two Ip Man, but proving very endearing and effective, even if it gets bogged down a bit as soon as they are stopping to beat. Probably aware of this fact, the authors of Ip Man legacy: Master Z have put the dose on the battle scenes, all or almost spectacular, spectacular and wired – even if we regret the use of punctual effects digital specials for the most dangerous stunts. If you are in the mood for the best of the world, you’ll have a special taste for that, three originals, that will call it “whiskey glass”, which certified to a “false” action scene, but which almost touches on poetic abstraction and is very exciting.

And to overcome the absence by Donnie Yen (which will only appear in some flashbacks from Ip Man 3), the Ip Man legacy: Master Z autelurs had the good idea to stick three opponents of size to Jin Zhang: Dave Bautista, former wrestler, who prints as always are animal charisma on the screen, Michelle Yeoh, true legend of the martial arts film, and who, at 56 years old, High Voltage still demonstrates a vivacity , and finally Tony Jaa, the revelation of Ong bak, which we also enjoy a small cameo noticed. In short, as well as with Ip Man legacy: Master Z, martial arts lovers and surrealist choreographies “made in Hong Kong” will literally be at the party: we applaud with both hands!

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Master Z: Ip Man Legacy
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy