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If we thought that in the world of horror movies everything was seen, it is because we had not imagined “Mara”. Birds of Passage The film, the creators of is presented as a film that will not let you sleep peacefully. And reasons for this are not lacking.

It has only been necessary to see the first trailer to ensure the screams in the cinema room. The Last Full Measure On this occasion they play with the psychological terror that supposes the paralysis of the dream, an experience that many people have lived and that is really distressing. The film proposes the existence of a third mental phase, comprised between being awake and being asleep, in which the person is aware of what happens around him but is not able to move his body. To this is added that in that phase of “drowsiness”, the brain can play tricks and see things that are not there Stuck Or maybe yes, in a parallel reality full of ghosts and demons of terrifying forms. If you have ever had sleep paralysis, it is best not to see the trailer … Or you will not go to bed again.

In that state, in which you are neither awake nor asleep, you can not move Mortal Engines unless you wake up, while being aware of everything that happens. A factor that overwhelms, and much more if, in that place is where you come to visit paranormal monsters willing to end your life. It is not the first time that a film deepens in the anguish of the paralysis of the dream, “Dead awake” tried it in 2016 with somnolent result.

In this case, «Mara» is guaranteed by the creators of The Lion King, who use in this way the legend used to explain the paralysis of the dream to transport us back to a world of nightmares. And is that, as they say, the explanation that you could not move in that mental phase was because a creature entered the room of people and sat on the chest of the sleepers, but what was not counted is that in the version of “Mara”, this monster is willing to kill you.

The protagonist of this terrible real nightmare is the popular Olga Kurylenko, who gives life to The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle psychologist Kate Fuller, assigned to the murder case of a man who apparently was strangled while sleeping by his wife, and whose only witness is his daughter. eight years, Sophie. While Kate delves into the mystery of an ancient demon that kills people while they sleep, she begins to experience the same petrifying symptoms as all previous victims. Determined to solve the case and its situation, Kate will go through a spiral of chilling nightmares to try to save herself and Sophie before daring to go back to sleep again.

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