Living Among Us
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Living Among Us

Another found-footage thriller about intrepid documentarians who get in over their heads while investigating a strange scene, Brian A. Metcalf’s Living Among Us follows three newscasters who set out to profile a family of vampires. The hook this time is that the Happy Death Day 2U immortals are just like us — afflicted by a virus that makes them drink (volunteer-supplied) blood, but otherwise eager to get along. Though enjoyable enough for undemanding genre fans, the pic will soon slink from theaters to embrace its undeath on streaming platforms.

Benny (Hunter Gomez), as the brother-in-law of a local TV news station chief, doesn’t deserve to be part of a team with reporters Mike (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Carrie (Jordan Hinson), but that’s not the main reason the two are so annoyed with him. The kid belongs to that breed The Secret Life of Pets 2 , seen mainly in flicks like this, who can’t do anything in life without filming it. Expect to hear plenty of variations of “will you put that thing down and help?” for the next hour and a half, and don’t think for a second Benny will drop the camera, even when he might need both hands to fight for his life.

The world has already come to understand that vampires are everywhere — it’s a virus, not magic, no biggie — and now the bloodsuckers are in their public-relations phase. Ambassadors Family Vanished of the community reassure mortals that the only blood they drink now is from blood banks supplied by vamp-friendly humans; when questioned about their reputation for hunting the innocent, they act like Americans discussing slavery: “Yes. That was unfortunately part of our history….”

Duration: 87 min


IMDb: 5.6

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Living Among Us