All Light Will End
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All Light Will End

Small spoilers ahead. Anybody who saw Ex Machina knows that director Alex Garland likes his details, and his newest feature, Annihilation, is no different. Every little detail is important when it comes to Lena (Natalie Portman) and her journey into the mysterious Christmas Break-In phenomenon known as the Shimmer. That includes her ink. Lena’s tattoo in Annihilation of a snake wound in the infinity symbol, eating its own tail, appears multiple times throughout the film, but that’s not what makes it strange. What makes it odd is how it appears and disappears on multiple characters, including Lena’s teammate Anya Thorensen (Gina Rodriguez) and her husband, Kane (Oscar Isaac).

The tattoo in Annihilation, placed on Lena’s left forearm, is only glimpsed here and there, and it’s an easy detail to miss. So, the first time you spot it, you might think it’s just something you overlooked before. The tattoo is big, yes, but it’s not showy, depending on the angle it might as well be a birth mark or a cut from Lena’s expedition into the Shimmer. Eagle-eyed viewers, The Last Witness however, will note that Lena does not always have this tattoo on her arm. She didn’t have it when she went into the Shimmer. Below are two shots from the film: one that takes place before Lena enters the Shimmer and one after. Though it’s difficult to see her left forearm, there don’t appear to be any markings on Lena’s arm in the first photo.

It’s possible that the tattoo was hidden in the first photo, or that its absence was a trick of the light or a production mistake, but those possibilities wouldn’t explain how both her husband and Anya would also have the same tattoo. Lena and Kane were both in the Army, which could give a reason, but Anya was a paramedic with no mentioned military experience. Furthermore, in her Betrayed early days in the Shimmer, Lena notices a mysterious bruise on her forearm. A bruise that, one can assume, becomes the tattoo.

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IMDb: 6.1

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All Light Will End
All Light Will End
All Light Will End