Life of the Party
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Life of the Party

Stevie Martin is a 29-year-old writer, comedian and introvert. Her sister, Gina Martin is a 26-year-old extrovert who works in advertising. They both live in London but were born in Liverpool. For National Sibling Day, the Martins are comparing social skills.

Being an extrovert feels a bit like being a tiny bit tipsy most of the time. When I’m cheery and things are going well, I feel confident talking to most people and being in most situations, which I know is a real blessing. I get my energy from other people. If I’m meant to be going out and I’m not feeling it, I know that when I get there I’ll get into it because other people are there. I reflect their emotions. I’m basically just a dog.

I want to be a dog. As an introvert, I feel like if I was a dog, I’d be the problem dog and everyone would be like ‘Jesus what’s wrong with that dog? Your dog is shit’. Because I can be quite loud when I’m excited/drunk and I like performing on stage, I presumed I was an extrovert, but quite rubbish. Then when I read that introverts feel drained by social interaction it was such a relief. I love hanging out with people, but I need time on my own to recharge or I get really down and anxious. Festivals are my worst nightmare because you’re stuck with people for four whole days. No escape. I’m hot and sweaty just thinking about it.

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