Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
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Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

After the never-ending story and Momo, another novel by Michael Ende arrives at the cinema. Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver – in competition at the Medieval Giffoni Film Festival 2018 – is a film of German production (as German, after all, was the same Ende), with a visual impact and an international character, able to compete perfectly with the big giants of the cinema for children. The direction is signed by Dennis Ganse, former author of the thriller The Fourth Estate and the Hollywood action movie Mechanic: Resurrection, and does not skimp ambition and creativity, giving life to a fantasy world that will surely have a strong following in the public imagination.

If there’s one thing that never disappoints, it’s Michael Ende’s fantasy. For many adults today the adventures of Jim Button (in Italian, Jim Bottone) has been Down a Dark Hall one of the cult books of his childhood: why, then, do not propose it to the boys, perhaps updating the media and turning it into a spectacular film adventure?

The elements to hit a transversal audience are all there and will gladly bring to the cinema both the younger ones and their carers (or all those adults who rightly still want to marvel at the cinema). The story opens in a stormy sea, on a ship of ugly, dirty and bad pirates – the Wild 13s – where a basket with an unusual and precious content casts by chance: a newborn, sweet, lonely and helpless. The captain of the ship decides to get rid of the child and sell it at a high price to Mrs. Grindtooth (Shirley MacLaine), the terrible and mysterious director of the Sorrowland school. The case, however, wants that in the transport, the parcel containing the child is missing and that fortunately reaches the tiny kingdom of Morrowland where it is immediately welcomed and adopted by its (very few) inhabitants: Mrs. Whaat (Annette Frier), the railwayman Transit Luke (Henning Baum), King Alfons (Uwe Ochsenknecht) and Mr. Sleeve (Christoph Maria Herbst). The child will be given the name of Jim, Jim Button. Once he grew up, Jim (played by the good debutant Solomon Gordon) will become a lively and curious boy, who spends most of his days on the animated locomotive Emma along with his friend railwayman.

Duration: 105 min


IMDb: 6.6

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Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver