Island Zero
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Island Zero

Just when you think it might be safe to go back in the water, a new aquatic being is on the loose in Island Zero, written by Tess Gerristsen and directed by her husband Josh Gerritsen. Since the release of Jaws and with plenty of recent films about ravenous sharks like 47 Meters Down, Deep Blue Sea 2, and The Meg, audiences never seem to get tired of films about sea Bloody Ballet creatures that enjoy having humans for dinner.

Island Zero tells the tale of an isolated island off the coast of Maine where the local fishermen notice that all the fish have disappeared. Then the ferry I am Vengeance the island relies on for supplies like food and gas stops showing up to take people to the mainland. The only person on the island who is excited about the lack of fish is resident marine biologist Sam (Adam Wade McLaughlin), who has been studying similar events in other coastal areas. His wife was lost at sea while hunting for a mysterious marine animal she believed might be responsible for the incidents. Before they realize what is happening a group is stranded on the island with dwindling supplies of food and water and soon whatever is apparently eating the fish decides it’s hungry for islanders.

With a Lovecraftian storyline and believable Garbage performances from relatable characters, I was genuinely invested in Island Zero and it had me hooked for about the first 45 minutes. With the exception of a few films like the The Ritual which had a phenomenal nightmarish creature that I haven’t stopped thinking about, I’m not the biggest fan of creature features in general, but the writing is so intriguing in Island Zero that I was hopeful. Other than a tentacle here and there snatching someone away in a bloody poof, the appearance of the watery predator is kept secret until almost the end of the movie. Sometimes it’s beneficial to reveal as little as possible and I soon began to realize that there was no hope for anyone on the island and they weren’t the only ones who were doomed.

Duration: 99 min


IMDb: 4.5

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Island Zero
Island Zero