Iron Sky The Coming Race
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Iron Sky The Coming Race

New trailer of Iron Sky: The Coming Race, a film in which we will see Hitler on the back of a dinosaur and in which any crazy idea that is has a place.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race takes us to twenty years after the first film, Iron Sky, a surreal The Queen’s Corgi story in which the Nazis had taken refuge on the moon, on the hidden side, and who planned to conquer the Earth. The sequel promises to be even more absurd, something that is seen as soon as Hitler appears on the back of a dinosaur.

This is presented in new trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, but it will not be the only thing we see in it. Ford v. Ferrari In this film the premise has changed, now the only place where humans take refuge is precisely what was the Nazi base, the Earth has been devastated after a nuclear war, but it is also their only hope. The survival of the human race is deposited in a small expedition to the center of the Earth in order to find “the Holy Grail”.

Timo Vuorensola takes charge again of this crazy movie, but not of the script that is in charge of Dalan Musson. Iron Sky: The Coming Race will once again feature the protagonists of the first, Uglydolls Julia Dietze, Stephanie Paul and Udo Kier, who will be joined by Tom Green. This will not be the end of the franchise? saga? since the director himself has announced that there will be a third installment and with a larger budget. It will be titled Iron Sky: The Ark and will have 25 million dollars, obtained from Chinese funding.

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IMDb: 7.9

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Iron Sky The Coming Race
Iron Sky The Coming Race