My Hero Academia the Movie The Two Heroes
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My Hero Academia the Movie The Two Heroes

Even as one of the best shonen anime in recent years, My Hero Academia’s movie still suffers from the same tropes and typical faults that plague most movies based on a popular show; just about everything that happens is inconsequential, flashbacks are used too frequently Anon to fill in known backstory, and the new side characters see little development. Still, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes starts with an incredible burst of energy that, like All Might’s power, dwindles until the climax comes along.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes takes place before the start of Season 3 during Deku’s summer vacation, and to kick it off, All Might takes his protege to I-Island, a neat man-made island that serves as a massive Quirk research facility and support item development center. Since only invited Spies in Disguise guests are on the island, everyone is allowed to use their Quirk freely, which made for a bunch of interesting visuals and new heroe designs early on in the movie. Then things go awry a la Die Hard and The Raid (yes, you read that right) as the entire island is taken hostage by villains, leaving it up to the heroes in training to save the day.

The highlight of Two Heroes – aside from All Might saying sh*t like a person cursing for the first time – is the opening few minutes that feature a college-aged All Might in an alternate Shazam! Los Angeles. It’s a wonderfully energetic start featuring unique American heroes and villains. This opening felt a lot like a Hollywood superhero movie, complete with a family trapped in a car saved at the last minut by a hero. The My Hero Academia anime hasn’t explored much of All Might’s youth, so this scene featuring him in his spry days before claiming the Symbol of Peace title are especially exciting.

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My Hero Academia the Movie The Two Heroes