Hearts Beat Loud
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Hearts Beat Loud

Every once in a while, you just need a feel-good movie. We don’t get many of them, but they are a welcome change of pace amidst all the blockbusters and end-of-the-world type affairs. That looks to be exactly what we are getting with Hearts Beat Loud. The small film starring Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons made a splash at Sundance earlier this year, netting positive reviews for the heartwarming musical tale about a father and daughter who start a band together. Now we have a trailer for the film, and it just looks like one of those movies where you’ll walk out of the theater smiling.

First off, Nick Offerman seems perfectly cast as a record store owner and quintessentially corny dad who is always trying to connect to his daughter even as she grows up and doesn’t need him as much anymore. It’s also really cool to see the actor probably best known for his character Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation getting to lead a movie like this. The father/daughter relationship will be the heart of this movie, and it looks like Nick Offerman and Dope actress Kiersey Clemons have great chemistry together. The relationship between Frank and Sam Fisher (not that Sam Fisher) will be both tested and strengthened over the course of the movie, and Hearts Beat Loud will undoubtedly pull at audience heartstrings accordingly. This is really a charming trailer overall and promises a movie that strikes a great balance between being funny, heartwarming and emotional.

Duration: 97 min


IMDb: 7.7

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Hearts Beat Loud