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God of War
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God of War

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The director Steven DeKnight (Pacific Rim: Resurrection) is a staunch follower of the saga and wants a God of War movie. Benched He has revealed in an interview with ComicBook that he has spoken with Sony about a possible film adaptation with an Peterloo R rating.

“I had some conversations with the good people of Sony PlayStation about that and I think you have to approach it like a book, it’s like the Shark adaptation, for the people who have read the book, the movie is very different, but both are fantastic You must be able to take the original material and make it work like a movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and I think that is part of the reason why videogame films often do not work because you can not translate the videogame experience into a movie, “DeKnight said.

In addition, the director explained why he believes what some adaptations of video games to movies fail: “You have to take the characters, the situations, Boy Erased the emotions and make them work in a movie, which means that many times you have to change Things, which is very complicated because you do not want to upset the fans of video games, but you have to make a movie that works only in the context of a movie. “

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