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In January of next year will come to the cinemas Glass, the new film by M. Night Shyamalan, the long-awaited sequel to The Protected in which converges also the plot of Multiple.

It does not hurt, anyway, to venture a little speculation given some apparent clues of the poster, which strictly respects the color code managed for its characters (as a good story of self-respecting superheroes). At the top appear the “walk around” versions of the characters in the story, sitting and, in the case of Willis, even handcuffed, with what looks like hospital clothes.

Can it be that much of the story takes place in some kind of psychiatric? And if so, would not be a great idea that a saga that has always associated the skills of their characters to some type of mental illness culminate in that way ?. Let’s not forget that in The Protected, David Dunn suffered a tremendous depression and Elijah Price a kind of delusional psychosis, and, in Multiple, Kevin Wendell Crumb had a personality disorder that led him to develop 24 different personalities within himself.

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