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Game Night
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Game Night

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Max and his group of friends meet regularly to make board game nights. At a party, Brooks, Max’s brother, arrives a little unexpectedly during one of their evenings. He invites them to make their next game night at home. Brooks has organized something completely different since he has hired a company that specializes in murder and mystery games. However, the evening does not go as planned when two kidnappers kidnap Brooks. The group of friends is convinced that it is part of the evening, but they are real kidnappers. Not knowing what they are embarking on, they decide to investigate this crime and find Brooks

The Game Night movie begins in a very “cheesy” way where we discover Max, who falls in love with Annie, his soul mate of games. Well, I must say, I was skeptical with the beginning of the movie. But, it is probably because I have been with friends for 6 months days of board games that the film quickly appeared to me sympathetic. The film plays a lot on the rivalry between brothers where one always wants the other. This is one of the main narrative frames of the film. And that supports the various adventures.


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Game Night
Game Night