Dead Ringer
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Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer (2018) contains full package of action, comedy and wall-to-wall music as a main character, young unsuccessful singer, Jamie (Luke White) who’s career would never pick up because someone got there first – his lookalike and the worlds most famous face – lead singer Gringo of boyband – Donny Martin.

Shame for Jamie however life brings him an interesting turn of events when Donny Martin dies in a car crush and the group’s manager and part time evil gangster and drug smuggler – Jay Kamala, decides to replace Jamie (who looks very much like Donny) to become the new Donny of The Secret Life of Pets 2 the boyband, keep everything under wraps and still make a lot of money from the boyband.

Jamie jumps into the opportunity without thinking twice, abandoning the love of his life and faking his death. He dives into the lavish life of Donny Martin – world tours, fame, Stano girls, sun and sexy Ferrari adventures!

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Dead Ringer