Corbin Nash
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Corbin Nash

An enthusiastic contender for next year’s Razzie awards (in several categories), Ben Jagger’s Corbin Nash sets the director’s brother Dean up as a cop-turned-vampire hunter on the streets of L.A. Sounding often as if it were written by a teenager after a Sin City binge (“This is a city of sinners and far worse …The angels? They left a long time ago.”), the picture sometimes briefly achieves that rare feat, of being so terrible it entertains. Sometimes it’s genuinely offensive as well. The Clovehitch Killer Unfortunately, enough dull stretches interrupt the action that only the most hard-core cinematic dumpster-divers will care. Unless, that is, tabloids tracking Corey Feldman’s recent activity take notice of his appearance here, as a cross-dressing killer so grotesque he seems designed to elicit angry GLAAD press releases.

Feldman plays Queeny (no kidding), a vampire sadist who wears dresses, weird prosthetic eyebrows and a gravity-defying pile of hair. “I am … beautiful,” he growls into Batman Ninja a mirror when we meet him, sounding like a transphobic parody of Jame Gumb, the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs. Feldman may be aiming for camp, or for lurid Gothic weirdness; whatever the target, he misses it vigorously for an hour and a half.

Queeny and his lover Vince (Richard Wagner) are responsible for a wave of disappearances in L.A., collecting innocent Angelenos for both the usual vampiric reasons and weirder Mortal Engines ones. They use naked bound-and-gagged women as living-room decor, and any reader whose misogyny radar just bleeped should be warned that one of those naked women will later be impaled through her breast. By our hero. Hell, even when it comes to a woman we’re supposed to root for — stripper with a heart of gold Macy (Fernanda Romero) — Jagger contrives to put a camera directly above her at one point, leering down her tank top.

Duration: 94 min


IMDb: 5.0

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Corbin Nash
Corbin Nash
Corbin Nash