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To cover up the disappearance of Chicha Mariani’s granddaughter, the repressors claimed that the baby was dead. On November 24, 1976, the house in which Diana Teruggi lived in La Plata, daughter-in-law of the founder of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo Taxi 5 and her son Daniel, with her 3-month-old daughter, Clara Anahí Mariani, was attacked for more than a hundred years. men of the Buenos Aires Police and the Army. There it worked – concealed with the screen of a rabbit farm – a clandestine press of the Montoneros organization. “There was no confrontation” determined justice many years later: it was a real execution.

Guillermo Suarez Mason, chief of the First Army Corps participated in the operation; Ramón Camps, general and chief of police; and Miguel Etchecolatz, Commissioner The Witch in the Window of the Buenos Aires Province. “In all cases Etchecolatz acted. He was present in the attack on the house of my son Daniel and Diana. He was present and all the hierarchs and chiefs and subalterns of the Police, Gendarmerie, Firemen, etc. It was a four-hour attack with all kinds of weapons. On the roof of the neighbors was Etchecolatz in person with other police officers who were subordinates of him but who many years ago testified in the trial for the truth and told everything. So there is no doubt that Etchecolatz killed my daughter-in-law, I do not know if with his weapon or with his orders, he is guilty of the death of my daughter-in-law and of the militants who were in the house and of the kidnapping of my granddaughter that I was there that day and they took her out alive, “Chicha said.

The daily routine in the house in the months prior to the attack was reflected in 2008 by the pen of the writer Laura Alcoba, who was then a 9-year-old girl and Nostalgia lived there with her mother. In the autobiographical novel The House of the Rabbits, Alcoba, who the following year went into exile in France, vividly recounts the climate of terror that was suffered and his close relationship with the daughter-in-law of Chicha, who was then in her last months of pregnancy.

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