Black Wake
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Black Wake

Black Wake proves that something genuinely weird and offbeat can be constructed out of what are otherwise fairly standard parts; you’ve A Faithful Man never seen a movie quite like it, even if you’ve seen hundreds of movies that are sort of like it.

The umbrella term to describe director Jeremiah Kipp’s low-budget feature would be “found-footage horror,” but beyond that, it’s also a paranoid apocalyptic thriller, a zombie movie, a Lovecraftian “weird tale,” a Roger Corman-esque exploitation flick, a Michael Ladies in Black Crichton medical mystery – the list goes on and on, as if Kipp and company took every disparate type of sci-fi/horror movie they ever thought was cool, threw them all in a Cuisinart, and hit “puree”. You’d think the resulting concoction would end up being an incoherent mess, but somehow, this wild jumble of genres ends up really working in Black Wake‘s favor. One never quite knows what to expect from the film, and thus, it doesn’t allow any opportunity for viewers to get bored or overthink things – you just get swept up in its crazy amalgamation of familiar elements, and you can’t help but be entertained.

The story, played out in scenes made to resemble everything from security camera footage to cell-phone video to amateur documentary clips, spirals outward from a series of grisly, mysterious deaths along the Atlantic coast; the victims’ skulls all appear to have burst outward from inside, ruling out the possibility of a human culprit. The government convenes a multidisciplinary team of scientists to investigate, but the only one who’s willing to explore the case’s more otherworldly angles is the headstrong psychologist/anthropologist Dr. Moreira (played by Brazilian model and TV star Nana Gouvea), who Party Hype for reasons not immediately clear is herself being spied on by sinister forces.

Duration: 91 min


IMDb: 1.9

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Black Wake