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Averno, a place of the imagination of the Andean inhabitants where living and dead coexist and where everything finds its opposite face. Many have heard him name it, but very few see it. Tupah, a young shoeshine boy, must find him to rescue his uncle Jacinto. Monsters and Men The Bolivian director Marcos Loayza gives free rein to Andean mythology in his seventh feature film. In his new film he is creatively liberated and proposes a trip to Manqha Pacha, the underworld in the Aymara worldview, “but that is not hell,” he explains. The bohemian and mysterious night of the city of La Paz, Bolivia, will carry the thread of this adventure, which will find the protagonist with urban legends and the Andean-Amazonian mythological beings who roam the streets of the government headquarters of this Andean country.

Loayza, with a long career in Bolivian cinema, worked on the creation of Averno for 10 years. In this, his seventh feature film, he entered fully into the study The Song of Sway Lake of the Andean cosmovision. He tells that he spent more than two months in the National Library of the Argentine Republic, back in 2007, reviewing bibliographic material. He was also nourished by the oral story of specialists in the field, stories, legends and the Vocabulary of the Aymara Language (1612), by the Jesuit priest Ludovico Bertonio, to try to find the subconscious of the Andes. “It has been a work of research and also of love. It was like putting together a puzzle. I have had to fill a number of empty pieces and then they have joined together, “explains the director.

Twenty-three years have passed since Loayza made his directorial debut with Cuestión de Fe, a film with which he was recognized at festivals such as Biarritz, Havana and Cartagena, in France, Cuba and Colombia, respectively. After the first pass he made of Averno for guests, he was more relaxed. He can not fit his film into one genre, but that does not stress him. He considers it in part as a road movie -a genre that has accompanied some of his previous productions-, but with touches of Spies in Disguise adventure, terror and baroque elements. He says it is a feature film “more ambitious, more worked”, compared to his previous productions.

Duration: 87 min



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