A Night to Regret
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A Night to Regret

“Just Getting Started” is described on IMDb as “a two-hander action comedy” in the vein of “Midnight Run.” But anyone can see within five minutes Shiner that this mild and dawdling picture from writer-director Ron Shelton is the sort of trifle meant for a retirement-age audience who just want to spend a pleasant and uneventful hour-and-a-half with a few name actors of a certain age. There’s very little comedy here and even less action.

This is the first Shelton feature since the ill-fated “Hollywood Homicide” in 2003, and he stays close to what made his name with his most notable movie, “Bull Durham”: a sports theme that is set off by some male-female repartee. The film begins “somewhere in New Jersey” where a mob wife sees Morgan Freeman’s Duke on TV playing golf at a resort in Palm Springs. She seems to be That Time of Year ordering a hit on him, but this scene is so awkwardly written and played that it feels like it was a last-minute addition that was shot very hastily.

Freeman’s Duke is very much a Shelton male protagonist in that he is fond of himself and very fond of quoting “wise” sayings from famous writers. Duke Black Water runs the resort, which is called the Villa Capri, in a very loose way that allows him much time for golf and for sex antics with a harem of women that includes the late Glenne Headly in one of her final roles, the juicy and game Sheryl Lee Ralph, and the gravel-voiced Elizabeth Ashley. Headly is forced to utter the line, “I like a good flocking from time to time,” to the ever-smooth Freeman.

Duration: 89 min


IMDb: 5.5

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A Night to Regret