An Actor Prepares
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An Actor Prepares

Steve Clark’s comedy-drama raises many questions. Is every aging Hollywood matinee idol lecherous, drunken and obnoxious? Are all fathers and their grown Betrayed sons estranged? Does every road trip movie have to be filled with quirky characters and colorful detours? Judging by An Actor Prepares and so many other movies of its ilk, the answer to all of these is yes.

Feeling schematic enough to have been generated by a computer screenwriting program, the film stars Jeremy Irons as, you guessed it, an aging matinee idol who’s lecherous, drunken and obnoxious, and Jack Huston as, you guessed it, his estranged son. After Iron’s character, Atticus, suffers a heart attack while receiving a lifetime achievement award, he and Adam are reluctantly reunited. The Irishman They embark on a — what else? -— cross-country road trip to attend the wedding of Atticus’ daughter (Mamie Gummer) because Atticus is declared unable to fly by his doctor. Neither hilarity nor drama ensues.

After playing so many serious and classic roles, Irons is clearly having a blast as the randy Atticus who comes on to every woman he meets, including his doctor, and drops The Peanut Butter Falcon trou at every opportunity. (This may be the most onscreen nudity the actor has done since Damage, and his bare ass should get its own screen credit.) Atticus, a three-time Oscar-winning actor whose extensive filmography also includes such items as Throwdown at Bitch River, is next slated to play the title role in a movie about God, although he’s self-aware enough to admit that he’s more suited for Satan. He’s also consistently derogatory toward his son, at one point telling him, “You look like Osama bin Laden’s nut sack.”

Duration: 97 min


IMDb: 5.0

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An Actor Prepares
An Actor Prepares