American Nightmares
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American Nightmares

This year’s Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal kicked off with a double dose of anthology movie madness, so we’re taking a look at both the Mick Garris-produced omnibus Nightmare Cinema as well as Tales From the Hood 2, the sequel to Rusty Cundieff’s 1995 cult Iceman: The Time Traveler classic Tales From the Hood.

First up is Nightmare Cinema, a kind of companion piece to the work producer Mick Garris did on the Showtime series Masters of Horror. While that show allowed different horror directors the opportunity to make near-feature-length films with zero restraints on content or Kung Fu League gore, Nightmare Cinema reigns the filmmakers in slightly with shorter segments and its framing device of The Projectionist (Mickey Rourke, clearly shooting most of his material in a day) displaying each short as a record of the respective main characters’ deaths. As with any film of this ilk, some segments will be better than others. Here’s a rundown of each one…

It’s almost unfortunate that this is the film that kicks things off, since Brughe (Juan of the Dead) unquestionably walks away with the whole film. What starts RedBad as being caught up in the middle of a typical slasher story in which final girl Samantha (Sarah Elizabeth Withers) is running from a blowtorch-wielding masked maniac evolves seamlessly into a Scream-like parody and then shifts again into something wholly different and surprising. This is the most fun and lively segment in the whole picture, which makes the ones that follow pale in comparison.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 4.2

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American Nightmares