All These Small Moments
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All These Small Moments

There are no fireworks in All These Small Moments. A teenage boy named Howie becomes obsessed with an enigmatic blonde woman he sees every day on the bus. Gloria Bell At home, his shrewd younger brother points to bedding in a closet and says, “Dad slept on the couch again last night.” But this film beautifully lives up to the understated ambition of its title. In her first feature, writer-director Melissa Miller Costanzo takes the slenderest of narratives — about Howie’s coming of age and the unraveling of his wearily unhappy parents’ marriage — and in sharp-eyed scenes makes those common stories feel fresh and real.

The adults in the cast are as nuanced and believable as the script. Molly Ringwald plays the mother, Carla, with a dour expression that signals all her pain and resignation as she tries, without any success, to pretend to her sons that the family is alright. Brian d’Arcy James Becoming Astrid creates a sympathetic portrait of a man who could have been the villain. He plays her wandering but conflicted husband, Tom, who seems to be mourning the way they have lost their romantic past, a genuine but unhelpful feeling. Together, they nail a low-key but wrenching scene in which Tom says he’s sorry for messing things up, and Clara says she’s sorry that she long ago gave up caring about the marriage.

As the mystery woman on the bus, Jemima Kirke, with a boho look, The Gateway quietly registers an underlying sadness. Her name, it turns out, is just exotic enough to foster Howie’s dreams: Odessa.

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