2036 Origin Unknown
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2036 Origin Unknown

Low-budget science fiction has gotten a bad rep these days courtesy of the SyFy channel’s never-ending supply of Sharknado movies. But there was a time when there was consistent quality. From NBC’s The Time Machine to the BBC’s Threads to the Doctor Who film to even miniseries like Frank Herbert’s Dune. These were all attempts at using limited resources to be as creative as possible, Forever My Girl and not to be squandered on bad acting, bad visual effects, and inherently idiotic ideas.

2036 Origin Unknown, a new independent movie from Parkgate Entertainment and Head Gear Films, evidently aims to be a return to form for this microcosm of the sci-fi genre. As the title implies, the movie takes a step back to the roots of 2001: A Space Odyssey, depicting an AI-led Solis galactic journey to a planet in the hopes of investigating a monolith that could help the human race. In 2001, this took place on Jupiter, but in 2036 the planet is Mars.

It would be easy to look at this premise and cast 2036 aside as another 2001 clone, but the similarities do end there. Most of 2036 is set in the vicinity of a space station The Cabin where the main protagonist Mack Wilson (Katee Sackhoff) oversees the proceedings on Mars, which are guided by an artificial intelligence named A.R.T.I. (Steven Cree) managed by her sister Lena (Julie Cox) of the United Space Planetary Corporation. And while it is true that this bottle format is implemented to preserve the production budget, it’s also clear that screenwriter Gary Hall took great steps during the scriptwriting process to make sure that his screenplay did not cause any special effects issues in the flick. Too often, in both television and film, I feel the writers go so crazy with their ideas that they don’t actually take their budget into serious consideration, which results in staggering diminishing returns from a VFX point-of-view (looking at you The Flash writers).

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2036 Origin Unknown
2036 Origin Unknown
2036 Origin Unknown